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Jennifer Mason > Posts > Merry Christmas!
December 21
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a great year and I am thankful for all the different ways I have been able to connect with the SharePoint community. As a thanks to all of my blog readers I have worked with my company to offer a discount on the upcoming Information Worker training to get you a $400 discount. All you have to do is mention you heard about it on my blog J You can click the link below for more details and to register for the training course.

I have also been hard at work this fall on a new book that is now available in rough cuts on Safari Online. For those unfamiliar with rough cuts, this basically gives you access to the book prior to it being publically available. I have worked hard on this book and to date it is one of my favorites! This book is focused on specific solutions and maps them out from start to finish (including tips on governing them once they are deployed). I definitely would love to hear your feedback on it! You can get to the book using the link below:

Starting in January I am going to start building some solution based blog series. This will be similar to some of the chapters in the book (just much shorter)! I am hoping that these will really be of use for people who are just getting started on their SharePoint implementations. If you have any requests for the blog series leave them in the comments below! See you again in January!



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